The Life and Death of Edgar Allan Poe Essay example

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The Life and Death of Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe had a writing style that was rather unique. He had a way of rhyming and expressing himself that no other author had at the time. He was in himself a genius in his own demented way. Many of Poe's writings reflected his life, be it happy or sad. Poe had a very difficult life, different from many others. All the women in his life seemed to die. Many died of Tuberculosis. Those who didn't die of Tuberculosis still seemed to die. These deaths played a major effect on Poe's writing style. Men were often the "bad guys" in Poe's literature, and nearly every story Poe wrote was about death. Many times there were obscure circumstances surrounding the deaths in the stories.
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He was a good runner, leaper, boxer, and also a very good swimmer. When he was fifteen, he swam six miles up the James River partly against strong tide. Edgar obviously made a good impression on other people. Thomas Ellis, the son of John Allan's business partner once said: "No boy ever had a greater influence over me than he had." Also at the age of fifteen, he became a lieutenant in the Junior Morgan Riflemen. As second- in command, he was reviewed by the popular Marquis de Lafayette whom two weeks earlier had praised Edgar's grandfather, General David Poe, for his good work. When Edgar returned to Richmond, he wanted to emphasize that he was not formally adopted by that Allans, so he was simply know as Edgar Poe. Edgar was in search for a maternal figure in his life. He was very fond of his foster mother, Fanny Allan, but because she was sick all the time, she was much less than the ideal mother. At one occasion it is know that he called his sister Rosalie's foster mother "ma". At the age of fourteen he became infatuated with Mrs. Jane Stanard, the mother of one of his classmates. He went to her when he felt unhappy, and she somehow resembled both Fanny Allan and Eliza Poe. Edgar had only known her for about a year when she died at the age of thirty-one; it was assumed that she was insane. Edgar suffered from her death, and his behavior changed. This caused arguments at home with John Allan who spoke of Edgar as "Sulky, and ill

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