The Iran Hostage Crisis Essay

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President Carter’s New Year’s 1979 toast to the Shah at a state dinner in Tehran, announcing that he was "an island of stability in one of the more troubled areas of the world”, set the tone of the stance the United States had with the Shah which indicated support. This led to the trigger of The Iran Hostage Crisis that lasted 444 days, in which Carter allowed an ally, the unpopular Shah to flee to the New York to receive medical care for his cancer and escaping the Iranian Revolution. On November 4th 1979 student demonstrators raided the US Embassy in Tehran, capturing 66 Americans, in which 13 women and minority hostages were let go almost immediately and 1 ill man shortly after.
The dislike the Iranian people had for the United States
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The administration’s vital emphasis focused on open diplomacy, which indicated that there would not be secret negotiations. Carter’s diplomacy policy played a crucial role in the Iran hostage crisis. He refused to fall down the Vietnam path, being that he was extremely reluctant to use any military force. Carter rejected the idea of any bloodshed, and would go to any extent to avoid this.
A fundamental aspect of Carter’s approach to foreign policy was the global human rights policy that was used to fight communism, which became extremely popular. Though this goal insinuated protection of human rights though he acted in opposition during the Iranian revolution, for the Shah was clearly noted violating basic human rights. Carter found Iran to be a special case, because of the geographical closeness to the Communist Soviet Union, and for the fact that Iran was an oil-rich nation. He failed to realize the extent of the aggressive hatred geared towards the Shah by the people, by ignoring very obvious actions by the Iranian people such as shouting “Death to Carter” in April 1979. Even before this, on February 1979 70 Americans were seized by radical Islam’s in hopes that Carter would return the Shah for execution. This warning indicated the safety of US diplomats were at risk, but essentially was

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