The Impossibility of Reducing Global Warming and Environmental Hypocrisy

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After watching Heat, it is easy to realize the effects of global warming caused largely by what humanity labels progress and on the “acceleration of human consumption” (Smith). More than ever, individuals are taking a proactive, almost cult-like approach to save planet Earth. But, who is behind this “save the planet” crusade)? Who determines what needs to change to protect the earth and its natural resources, and in fact, sustain life itself? Concerned individuals and those dubbed “environmentalists” are behind this effort.
According to, an environmentalist is 1) an expert on environmental problems, and 2) any person who advocates or works to protect the air, water, animals, plants, and other natural resources from
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However, this is an unattainable goal that is realistically not in the hands of the people accustomed to modern comforts. Indeed, very few would turn their backs on anything considered a basic need, such as electricity and fuel. It would be difficult, if not impossible, to regress into a pre-industrialized era owing to population size alone. Governments, for instance in the United States, could regulate the number of vehicles per household to reduce pollution, but such a move, would exacerbate the chaos in countries struggling to survive homelessness by supplementing with second jobs, double incomes, and forced commutes, in addition to family responsibilities such as child and elderly care. Government could also limit cattle raising to curb methane gas emissions. Humans would have to depend on other game or agriculture for sustenance. Would agriculture be enough to feed humanity? To do so, populations would require tremendous amounts of fertilizers, pesticides, water, and the right climate, and our climate is already at risk.
Romm asserts, “… once you've changed the climate, it becomes very hard to un-collapse, and it may be - it may very well be impossible. I mean, it may be that some of these changes are irreversible (Smith). In reality, no one really knows what will happen. Environmentalists have seemingly forgotten that Earth has a wonderful mechanism of renewal.

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