The Horror of Dystopia Revealed by Neuromancer Essay

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The Horror of Dystopia Revealed by Neuromancer

When William Gibson's futuristic novel Neuromancer was first published, it seemed farfetched that technology could reach the level of sophistication he described. Science fiction movies have since repeated and expanded upon this theme, portraying corporate anxieties and paranoid fears of people to be controlled by aliens, man-made machines and artificial intelligence. Neuromancer takes us into the subculture of cyberpunk, a dystopia of an amoral society ruled by abstract powers. Gibson creates a world of fear and terror where technology permeates this futuristic world into its smallest detail and instead of serving humanity, rises to become its ruler and God.

The futuristic
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6). The colors gray and silver dominate the boring environment, representing the colors of machines, the brain and nerve cells. Contrasting to Chiba, natur is artificially reconstructed in Freeside, the space vacation resort and residence of the Tessier-Ashpoole clan, with colors that are otherwise only present in the matrix - the blue of the sky and the blue towers of data inside Tessier-Ashpoole's ice. Gibson creates a denaturalized world, repulsive and artificial, where its inhabitants find neither comfort nor pleasure.

Case, the hero or anti-hero ranks low in the corporate power structure of this future world. He and his colleague/ girlfriend Molly are forced to mechanically alter their bodies to survive in a very competitive environment. The name Case suggests that he is only one of many mechanically altered humans, and that his body is just the 'case' for the actual important component: his brain. He is a "console cowboy"( pg.28 ), a homeless adventurer, who rides his Ono-sendai for a living. Just as the artificial environment of Freeside is preferrable to the dull natural environment in Chiba, Case chooses "the bodiless exultation of cyberspace" (pg. 6) over "his own flesh" (pg.6): "The body was meat" (pg. 6). The label meat is expanded and covers several sensual experiences, like traveling or the "simstim" (pg.55) experience, a name that suggests a stimulating experience.

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