The Genre of Electronic Music Essay

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In addition to genres making slow, gradual shifts in their course of development, the invention of new, useful technologies abruptly altered and almost completely transformed many genres and their sounds. Although new and innovative technology has always influenced the speed at which music advances, only recently has technology so abruptly made such an imprint on music and its quality. The use of devices such as turntables and synthesizers brought about the genre of Electronic music, which is specifically characterized by experimentation with devices that affect the pitch, tempo, and tone of instruments and vocals and a very futuristic, up-beat vibe. Essentially, this means that the genre loses most of what makes other genres soulful and …show more content…
Music has almost always been one of them. Songwriters and musicians often use the stage as a means of communicating their message and their voices are usually heard loud and clear. For example, the Civil Rights movement presented involved songwriters to stand up and protest via their music. Bob Dylan, a Folk singer and songwriter, pounced on the opportunity to have his voice be heard, using his fame to direct attention to major controversial topics. He dished out songs like “The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll,” which protested not only the mistreatment of Negroes, but the misuse of power and lack of concern in the Justice System (Ochs), and “Hurricane,” which like “Hattie Carroll,” brings racial profiling and unjustness in 1960’s America into the public eye. Both songs are based on true events (the 1963 death of Hattie Carroll and the imprisonment of boxer, Rubin Carter in 1967). Other artists also made significant contributions of their own to the Movement. Pete Seeger, another Folk songwriter, wrote the “unofficial anthem for the Civil Rights movement,” “We Shall Overcome” (Gane-McCalla). Also, John Lennon, a self-pronounced advocate of peace, Rock ‘n’ Roll artist, and denouncer of the Vietnam War, wrote “Give Peace a Chance,” a simplistic, yet powerful song

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