Essay on The Education System: Knowledge

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“That which is accepted as knowledge today is sometimes discarded tomorrow”
Consider knowledge issues raised by this statement in two areas of knowledge.

Knowledge can be defined as justified, true belief. It is also a belief which can be subjective, depending on persons personal views, their cultural background and education system.
In the statement above the word “sometimes” plays very important part, it states that the knowledge claims we acquired today might, but not necessarily will be discarded tomorrow, therefore some of our beliefs will remain the same, even when time will pass.
The word “discarded” not always means, that the Knowledge Claim will be replaced with a new one. It might mean that the idea was completed with new
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Part of the research was the Shock Aversion Therapy which consisted of attaching electrodes to genitals of homosexual patient and injecting emetic drugs which induce vomiting, while being shown homosexual pornography. When the person was getting sexually excited, they were being shocked by the electrodes. Further on, this patient would be shown heterosexual pornography and would not be abused in any way. This process according to many doctors was supposed to change homosexual individuals into heterosexuals. (_)
The therapy was popular among many universities and according to Martin E.P Seligman it worked well, with up to 50% as he reported his results in 1966, although many of patients who stopped homosexual behavior were bisexual individuals.
The side effects of the experiment involved many actual mental illnesses, such as depression, and suicides among both subject of experiment and their families.

The discarding this idea as a knowledge claim and subsidizing it with the knowledge claim that homosexuality is a normal variation of human sexuality. The new claim is based not only on scientific research on human behavior but also on other ways of knowing such as inductive reasoning and emotions. Also the fact the experiment is banned in many countries and is strongly discouraged by APA, as it is against human rights, shows that we are progressing as a humanity and rather then on believes we want to stare our

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