The Disaster Of The Lost in “One Art” by Elizabeth Bishop Essay

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In “One Art” by Elizabeth Bishop, she brings up lose in many different forms whether it is concrete or abstract. Her complete message though is that it is evitable that throughout our lives we will lose, but lose shouldn’t be a disaster in the end. In lines 1-15 she discusses losing items in your life whether they are concrete or abstract. What she is trying to emphasize is that lose is something we automatically do making it easy to master. She wants us to realize that losing these items isn’t a bad move on our part but merely a habit. On line 5 she refers to her lost keys and line 10 her mother’s lost watch. Both items may seem important and have some value at the time but losing them won’t ruin her life. She makes the statement “lose …show more content…
In lines 1-15 items are lost just like in everyday life. If we fret over them it will just lead to more lose in the end. This author shows us this in the makeup by telling us about one lose, after another, after another. What I believe we should realize is yes these items are lost, but life will go on, more will be lost, and in the end it isn’t a disaster. In lines 1-15 she shows us lose of memory as well. We are all guilty of being forgetful, but time goes by, pasts are forgotten, and life goes on. It is a repeating circle of events that occurs. In line 8 the writer talks about losing “places, and names”. She tells of the two cities that are a blur to her. It is hard to forget places, names, fond memories and only have a blur. Luckily time goes on new memories are made, new places are visited, and new people are always being met. We shouldn’t be disappointed and weighed down about trying to remember the memories that are just a blur. Memories that are lost are the ones we let go of for reasons only we know. We should be excited to face the new memories we have in store. Through lines 1-15 this author shows us that it is alright to forget. In lines 16-19 it gets more personal when she talks about lose of loved ones. She relates this to the material and abstract topics from the above paragraphs because it is a physical and mental lose. When we lose a loved one it is a physical lose since they are no longer there in our lives and a mental lose as

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