Essay about The Cure For Partisanship

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Partisanship is the political ideology that divides the people of the United States into two parties, Democrats and Republicans, and it has plagued our government for long enough. Partisanship has plagued our nation because this idea, that appeared to be good at the start, has caused great turmoil in the government and has made compromises so difficult to come by. It has turned politics into a competition and both sides are more focused on beating each other rather than do what is best for the country and compromise. Since, young voters today are not very well versed on the important issues, in politics, it is necessary that high schools implement a required course that sets out to teach the students what they need to know, for …show more content…
Every politician’s goal is to be reelected for another term and the campaign for reelection begins the day they are instated. So, it is logical to assume that politicians vote on bills the way they think their voters would want them to, but they really vote the way that lobbyists, such as the NRA and big tobacco want them to, but these people can’t give money to the campaigns of politicians without the people because they are the consumers. Therefore, partisanship finds its roots in the people of this country and most voters in America are not very educated on the issues of an election and they usually just vote for their party’s candidate. A cure would be to have high schools across the nation implement a course into their curriculum that will give students an in-depth look into the nation’s government. This course needs to be offered to students of all academic levels and not just the AP-students. In some high schools the only government class is reserved for the advanced placement students, which are the students that were in first track for all of their classes for all four years. This means that most of the students did not get the chances to properly inform themselves on the political issues and the AP-students are not the only ones

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