The Cosmetic Surgery Industry in the UK Essay

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This report aims to look at the professional services sector – specifically the cosmetic surgery industry in the UK. It will establish the market size; look at opportunities and threats within the market, followed by the commonalities and differences between the current service marketing strategies used by the major players. The report will look at issues in the cosmetics surgery sector and will conclude by making recommendations to the companies going forward. This report focuses mainly on private organizations, and not on similar procedures provided by the NHS.

In 2011, 15 million people had cosmetic surgery worldwide. In the UK alone, a total of 43,172 surgical procedures were carried out and (Sedghi, A, 2013) it is an industry
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There are very few barriers to entry/ exit. The organisations themselves have the majority of control over their pricing, however it is important to consider the high levels of competition in the industry when they are deciding on these.
Michael Porters 5 forces can be used to see how possible it would be for a new company to enter the cosmetic surgery market within the UK:
Intensity of rivalry: There are over 200 registered plastic surgery organisations operating within the UK alone, and within these, they offer a wide range of distinct and specialised procedures. The majority of strategic competitors are members of the BAAPS (The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons) which means they are certified surgeons; BAAPS can also be used as a platform by clients to search for the relevant organisation (, 2014). These factors all conclude that intensity of rivalry is high, especially when considering that the number of surgery’s is quite considerable in comparison to the demand by consumers.
Threat of new entrants: Many organizations that currently operate within the UK have been established and built a reputation over time; they also encourage brand loyalty and repeat custom. Consumers who are looking for plastic surgery will often go to somewhere that has previously been used by a friends or family member. Furthermore, most consumers look for a BAAPS certified practitioner, and it takes a long time to get processed and accepted for this. It

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