The Conservative Party’s Weakness As a Consequence Of Weak Leadership

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The Conservative Party’s Weakness As a Consequence Of Weak Leadership

After the resignation of Peel in 1846 the Conservative Party split into three main groupings. The Peelites: loyal supporters of Peel who were unsatisfied with the current Conservative Party, the Ultra Tories who were the immovable, reactionary classical Tories who regarded the party’s sole purpose as being the support and promotion of its backers; the landowners, and finally the Liberal Conservatives who argues that lately the party had lost support and that unless the Tories started to rule in a more liberal fashion they would lose power, the liberals believed that they must retain an aristocratic approach whilst appealing to
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What Derby lacked in drive and ambition Disraeli made up for with his unstoppable momentum during their ungainly yet successful minority joint ministries. Derby recognised Disraeli’s talent but his implausible and fantastic ideas irritated Derby who was much less of an adventurous thinker. Although Disraeli was a gifted orator, as good as any of the opposition he failed to win over his own party who regarded his with fearful distain and a suspicious manner, lord Beresford said: “I would not trust D’Israli any more than I would a committed felon” nevertheless the Derby-Disraeli co-operation (referred to by critics as the “Jockey and the Jew”) was successful and they came very close to a majority in 1852. Other hopeless leaders within the Conservative Party were elected on the basis that there was nobody else and then swiftly removed from power when they had confirmed that they were hopelessly inadequate; a famous example being Granby, whose leadership was

the shortest of any party in either the house of Lords or Commons* during British history. The Conservative Party was in a hopeless position in terms of leadership, Peel would neither lead nor allow others to lead effectively.

Apart from weak leadership there were many other key factors that

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