The Consequences of Illegal Immigration Essay

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Illegal immigrants have caused lots of consequences for the U.S. economy. For examples like taking away jobs, not paying taxes, and committing crimes. These are a number of costs that U.S. citizens have to deal with constantly. As the lives of immigrants continuously improve in the United States, doesn’t connote that this situation is healthy for the citizens and our economy. Illegal immigration is a serious difficulty that is occurring in the United States. If this affair isn’t controlled soon, the state’s population is going to increase by 52%. That is forty-nine million illegal individuals, between the years 2000 and 2025 (Dickey 14). There are large amount of illegal aliens appearing in the nation. The U. S. government has allowed this …show more content…
Right there, I’m at a 27% disadvantage. They’ll come in here with about six guys with paintbrushes who work for peanuts, do a fair job, and their gone. These competitors have driven every Americans out of gardening, and are doing it to house painting, roofing and car repairs. What am I supposed to do” (Qtd. in Dickey 13)? This man holds a strong point. Taking a good precise look at his condition, we can state that he is obligated to lower his status and earnings to the identical amount as illegal immigrants to even have an occupation. Another point is, back in the day the auto books business in South-Central was occupied with legal black workers. Those trades are currently in the hands of the illegal individuals, they used to pay $25 and the wages have been lowered down to $8 for illegal workers. What’s infuriating regarding this is that a black man won’t get hired even if he’s a professional at this profession. Is it me or does it seem like typical discrimination towards the black community? What are these companies trying to state, the Hispanics are the only minority that is superior at it? I would say not, it’s just illegal prefer to work for cheaper and it’s why they are employed further often (Dickey 14). I suppose that this is inequitable for a full time employee. It’s wrong how majority of the U.S. populace will pick an illegal alien to accomplish basic labor instead of choosing their fellow neighbor. An additional

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