Essay about The Cause and Effects of Down Syndrome

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The Cause and Effects of Down Syndrome Some people wonder what Down syndrome is. How it is caused, and how it is treated. The causes and effects of Down syndrome is when there is an extra 21St chromosome. The effects include some birth defects and health problems. The physical features are different from someone without Down syndrome. What is Down syndrome? It is a chromosomal disorder caused by an error in cell division that results in an extra 21st chromosome (Crosta). Down syndrome causes problems with a person’s physical growth that vary by how bad it is. This disease can develop either before or after a child is born. Less than 1,000 pregnancies for mothers less than 30 years of age result in a baby with Down syndrome. For mothers …show more content…
The remaining 5% of Down syndrome cases are due to conditions called mosaicism and translocation. Mosaic Down syndrome results when some cells in the body are normal while others have Trisomy 21. How is Down syndrome diagnosed? Diagnostic tests are 99% accurate to tell whether the baby will have Down syndrome and other birth defects. Diagnostic tests include, Chorionic Villus sampling at 8-12 weeks, Amniocentesis at 15-20 weeks, Percutaneous umbilical blood sampling after 20 weeks (Crosta). Another way to diagnose Down syndrome is a screening test. Screening tests do not give a definite answer if the baby will have Down syndrome or not. Screening tests include Nuchal translency at 11 to 14 weeks, triple screen or quadruple screen at 15-18 weeks, integrated screen, and genetic ultrasound at 18-20 weeks (Crosta). Down syndrome can be diagnosed after the baby is born by looking at blood and tissue samples, and the baby’s physical characteristics. It is also standard for pregnant woman older than 30 or 35 to receive genetic screens because the risk of having a child with Down syndrome is increased as woman age (Crosta). A few families have prenatal exams that tell the possible problems. Other families know they have a higher chance of having a child with Down syndrome. What are the characteristics of people with Down syndrome? People with Down

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