The Brown Sisters Lecture Essay

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The Brown Sisters

Upon hearing the narrative assignment, I found myself stunned that I would actually have to attend a lecture outside of my classes. When scanning the list of possible events, the Brown Sisters lecture stood out in my mind. I had just completed an essay solely devoted to the decision and it’s impact on society so I thought it would be interesting to hear a first hand account of the tumultuous times these brave women faced. The lecture turned out to be more interesting than I originally imagined though I left with a slight sense of dissatisfaction.

As I slowly trudged up the steps of Foellinger Auditorium, I saw my pledge mom and walked up to her prolonging the time before I had to enter the room. She
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The two chatted about the decision and how the Brown sisters should receive some type of award for their brave efforts.

A white woman finally came on stage and began by describing the University’s integration efforts that started over ten years after the decision. Their recruitment tactics reminded me of the town I grew up in, Glencoe, that recruited African Americans to live there sometime in the seventies or eighties to increase the diversity. They were given special tax breaks to move into the town facing narrow-minded white residents and strangely enough, the African Americans now live within a two-block radius of each other. In a town of roughly eleven thousand people, a cluster of houses that don’t fit in with the usual towering mansions is deemed the black area of town. Sometimes I think that I am the only one that finds the arrangement of Glencoe odd and remarkably segregated.

After what seemed like an eternity, the woman stopped talking and introduced a film created by the Brown Foundation that used pictures to depict just how much strife they dealt with in the time leading up to the trial. As the lights dimmed, I prepared for a short nap but found myself intrigued by the movie. As the narrator recanted the inspirational story behind the trial, my heart fluttered in awe of the courage and strength of the Brown family, as well as the many other families that filed suit against segregated schools. I have never

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