The Benefits of Maglev Trains Essay

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Transportation is one of the most essential spheres of human’s life, hence, it is very important for it to have minimal effect on the environment, be safe, cheap, comfortable, and fast in use. Conventional transport, such as trains and airplanes, causes a number of problems including air pollution, high amounts of energy consumption, huge need of maintenance, high prices, and risks of safety, thus not being efficient enough. Therefore, new generation of transport must correspond to definite requirements: be efficient, reliable, and environmentally sound. The technology of the new kind of transport - magnetically levitated (maglev) trains – could be one of the major candidates to propose a solution for the present issues. The intention of …show more content…
Considering these problems, maglev train system is developed to propose a solution for them, and become the future of massive passenger transportation system. The usage of maglev requires electric power only, avoiding the burn of fuels, thus being ecologically friendly. Another benefit of such technology is elimination of material contact between trains and metal tracks, which leads to opportunity not only to have reliable quiet and dustless transportation, but also to achieve significantly high speeds and to require less service.
What is magnetically levitated transportation system?
Magnetic levitation (maglev) is such technology in which the vehicle is lifted, propelled, and guided along the elevated road by magnetic force. Magnetic forces are provided by electric power conducted to coils which are located on the roadway. Physical contact between the vehicle and guideway is avoided due to the utilization of electric power and control systems. The idea of magnetic levitation has been invented in Germany in 1934. After several decades, the idea was being developed and matured till 1990s, eventually, being implemented in 2003 in Shanghai as a public service (H.-W. Lee, Kim, and J. Lee 2006). During magnetic levitation train is pushed by linear motor (in comparison, conventional trains use rotary motor), while electromagnets are used for support and guidance of train

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