The Beautiful Natural Environment of the South of France Essay

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The Beautiful Natural Environment of the South of France

The south of France has often been described as having one of the most beautiful natural environments in the world. Many visitors, from painters to pilgrims, have found the pleasant Mediterranean climate to be both relaxing and inspiring. It is also a region that played host to some of the most lively social activity in the early 20th century. From Marseilles to Monaco (actually an independent country), southern France was a site of much popular focus in the 1920’s. It is a featured setting in many movies and novels of the time because of its consistently warm and enjoyable weather conditions. Most of the action in Ernest Hemingway’s The Garden of Eden
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To an artist or writer, one who spends a great deal of time simply observing nature, this would be a perplexing phenomenon. Sometimes the unusual appearance of nature has been known to bring on madness or at least emotional unbalance with some subjects (Collins).

Daylight temperatures never drop below ten degrees Celsius; and even in the rainy months of April and May, the sun is shining for more than half of the day. In the summer months, this heat can be brutal, with temperatures resembling those of the Sahara from July through the middle of September (Mitchell). Despite the heat, these months are the most popular for tourists across Europe and the world in general. Swimming and bathing are by far the two most frequented methods of entertainment and relaxation, as seen at various points in The Garden of Eden.

The seasons change abruptly in the south of France. The onset of autumn, which occurs in October is probably the most significant. The scathing heat of summer is washed away by the sudden onset of heavy rains. For the adventurous summertime crowds, these rains have been known to produce a sobering and almost embittering effect that usually results in a mass exodus from the region in October (Mitchell). However, it is a known fact that none can resist the steaming allure of the Mediterranean once they have experienced a summer in the southern provinces.

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