The Awakening Essay

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The Awakening, a well known book by Kate Chopin, written about a lady during the “Awakening” when so much chaos and trouble was going through the streets of the city. The main character of the book is Edna Pontellier. Throughout the book, Edna had many dilemma’s in her own personal life, and in advance, she had her life in chaos along with the society that affected her as well. 19th century America was a whole new generation coming up to a new generation creating new ideas and then displaying them, which the public got the fact that they had just as much right to do it as anybody else. This created radical change and completed various social influences and generally affected other governmental groups as well. “The Awakening” in …show more content…
The government was still of the earlier generation in establishing laws due to the rights women had in this time period. One symbolism take is the imagery taken from one of the scenes were Edna is within a pigeon house, the walls strong and closing to the outer world. In the setting, Edna openly expressed herself to her in being of independence. The can largely symbolize the government in this time period being not open to the future and dedicated to the past generational ideas and concepts. The idea of isolation in an open land of power surrounded by the sea gains pure power of thought. Economic impact during the 19th century America was also shown in Kate Chopin’s book as well. The setting in New Orleans as being one of the main conquered cities of imports and trade among in the south. This land had been fought over for several years during the Civil War, mainly because of the power that port held in the process of shipping supplies up the river and to the armies. During the previous decades, the port was still as important and gaining popularity in the city. New Orleans was the jazz town and shown to be one of a kind. Referred to in the book for Edna Pontellier’s “Big House in New Orleans,” it showed the wealth many people displayed to the public in their life style. Another fashion to the economic display in the 1800’s was the detailed description of dress. Taking place

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