The Arab-Israeli Conflict: Annotated Bibliography Essay

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The Middle East has since time immemorial been on the global scope because of its explosive disposition. The Arab Israeli conflict has not been an exception as it has stood out to be one of the major endless conflicts not only in the region but also in the world. Its impact continues to be felt all over the world while a satisfying solution still remains intangible. A lot has also been said and written on the conflict, both factual and fallacious with some allegations being obviously evocative. All these allegations offer an array of disparate views on the conflict. This essay presents an overview of some of the major literature on the controversial conflict by offering precise and clear insights into the cause, nature, evolution and …show more content…
Coupled with indispensable references on quotes from significant figures in the conflict, Karsh brings to attention the anti-Jewish declarations aimed at demolishing the new state. The prevailing often ignored contributing factors to the formation of Israel and the often omitted details concerning the conflict are also exposed. He points out that Palestinians are not individual nationalists but they have always associated themselves with the larger Arab nation and claims that the Jews have existed in Israel for a very long time, even prior to the establishment of the sovereign state. The book also mentions the plight of the Jews, who were termed as “illegal immigrants” during the British Mandate and the then confrontations between the Arabs, Jews and British. Accompanied by an array of detailed maps, photographs, graphs and illustrations, and an elaborate chronology of events, this book offers an in-depth and unbiased perception of both sides of the strife, its consequences and the inferences concerning the anarchy. It ends by delving into the factors behind the success of Israel against the odds and the inability of Arab nations to summon their might and numbers to secure victory. It is a valuable resource for those looking for a precise yet revealing insight into the timeless

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