Tempting Fate: Essay on "The Monkeys Paw"

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Tempting Fate
The “Monkey’s Paw” reveals an intriguing story of destiny and death. The Theme challenges the classical ideas of destiny and fate.
From the beginning of the story Mr. White denies the seriousness of the paw. When he says, “Well, why don’t you have three sir”, he is in a way mocking Morris and the criticalness of the paw. The effects of disturbing fate do not even occur to him at this point and his intrigue and human greed override his judgment. “If you don’t want it, Morris, give it to me”, Mr. White had said after Morris threw the paw in the fire. This is where Mr. White made his first mistake.
Mrs. White on the other hand manages to keep a cool head in the beginning and is apprehensive of the paw. She originally
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White felt when he fainted and fell to the floor.
At this point in the story the Whites were probably fanatical and this state of mind is probably what sparked the foolish idea of wishing Herbert back. Mrs. White made the initial push for the wish when she screamed “The paw! The monkey’s paw!”. Mr. White had more sense and realized that the paw once again could pull one on them. “He has been dead ten days, and besides he-I would not tell you sense, but- I could only recognize him by his clothing. If he was too terrible for you to see then, how now?” was Mr. Whites reason for initially not wishing. To make his wife happy Mr. White decided to place the second wish to bring his son back, still with a hint of caution in the back of his mind.
Mr. White understood that it was not his son when he said, “Don’t let it in”. He knew that there was no natural way to bring back his son, and that if fate chose this for them then they must follow fate’s decision. If Mrs. White had opened the door it would be possible that the paw would take her life too in some twisted plot of irony. Mr. White would then make his third wish and find both his wife and son gone. Subsequently Mr. White might have later taken his own life compelled by grief, and fate would rest easy knowing no one would tempt her judgment thereafter.
So the story ends with a grim twist of the plot that allows the reader to get a glimpse of what consequences arise from toying with destiny. Surprisingly Mr. White

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