Temperate Forest Biome Essay

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The forest a tranquil, peaceful, and relaxing place; what makes a forest these things? Temperate forests are made of many living and nonliving things. By combining these factors the temperate forest biome is made. Temperate forests are not just a boring thing that never moves, they are a thriving landscape given to extensive life that rejuvenates the planet daily. The forest biome is known worldwide. Our own backyards are part of this biome.
Temperate forests are located on every continent except Antarctica and Africa. The biome can be found in the eastern portion of the United States as well as much of Europe, eastern Asia, and eastern Australia(see figure 1). The Appalachian Mountain Region of the United States is one example of a
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(Figure 2) “Average precipitation per biome” (Marietta)
Many organisms live within the temperate forest. Plant life is abundant, deciduous trees grow numerously, a few conifers are found growing. An example is the plant life of the Appalachian Mountains it consists of oak, sycamore, dogwood, walnut, ash, and much undergrowth. The deciduous trees go into a dormant stage of rest during the winter, because of the cold temperatures. They shed their leaves, and go into a period of “sleep”. As of spring, life becomes prosperous again. The trees regain their leaves, life explodes. The production of the plant life rivals that of a rainforest during the spring. Summer is a unique season in the forest. The forest floor maybe clear of any underbrush because of the lack of sunlight.
The animals that live in the forest mostly consists of mammals(a vertebrate animal with fur, gives live birth and nurses their young). Insects, birds, and reptiles also call the temperate forest home. An example of life whitetail deer have an enormous population within the eastern portion of the United States, as well as many other species related to the whitetail deer do in other continents where the temperate forest biomes are located. Life inside this biome is widely known across the world because of human interaction within the biome. Abiotic factors play a huge role in what kinds of life

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