Biotic Factors Of Deciduous Forest Essay

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The definition of Deciduous is a tree that has falling leaves so, a deciduous forest is a forest that loses its leaves when the time comes which is around autumn and winter depending on the tree. These forest are truly amazing because, they have the ability to change their leave color based off of the season they are in. Also the changing leaves create a beautiful artistic vibe to their forest making it not only colorful but mesmerizing. Most if not all the deciduous forest biomes are in isolated locations giving them their try uniqueness in both plants and animals. There are many abiotic and biotic factors that are located in this biome such as: oak, maple, hickory, sweet gum, and Mongolia trees along with lichen, ferns and shrubs. Some other biotic factors are frogs, salamanders, turtles, slugs and spiders. Deciduous forests are also full of abiotic factors such as, water, streams, sedimentary rock, soil, and possible hills. Together the deciduous forest was created and molded by both of these abiotic and biotic factors. The deciduous forest will be for every changing and molded by all of these factors forever.

Deciduous forests are forests that shed their leaves when they need to, which is around autumn time but it depends on the tree. These forests are important to our plant because they house many biotic organisms and they can produce a big amount of oxygen. These forests are very densely populated with big trees making a canopy so large it is sometimes hard…

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