Summer of Sam - That’s Murdertainment Essay

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Summer of Sam - That’s Murdertainment

[1] Ridley Scott's Hannibal grossed $58 million on its opening weekend (Seymour 1). With overpriced popcorn and watered-down simulation-soda, I was there. While animated Raisinettes and Goobers played seriously bad jazz, I was anticipating the blood-soaked slayings of film's most popular serial-killer. Yep, it's sick, but that's our society. We salivate over the newest slasher-film. The gorier, the better. However, what if the on-screen disembowelments were the recreated crimes of a true-life killer? What if it was the story of Jeffery Dahmer? Would we still flood the theaters? While we watched the endless-stream of "Coming Attractions," would we still be anticipating a really good
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Yep, there's a demanding market for this sick, sick stuff. However, an equally demanding group squelched this madness: the families of the serial killers' victims.

[4] Eighteen years ago, infamous killer Coral Eugene Watts murdered Elena Semander and disposed of her body in a refuse receptacle. Since that dreadful evening Harriet Semender (Elena's mother) has been fighting to cope with the tragic loss of her daughter. In an interview conducted by Marcia Stepanek, Harriet revealed that she used to have occasional nightmares about her daughter's brutal murder, "but her nightmares started coming every night last Spring when she saw that Watts' locks of hair and autographs were being sold on Ebay. ‘I became physically sick when I saw this,' Semander says. ‘And what made me even sicker is that Ebay is profiting from this type of thing being sold. It's wrong, just morally wrong'" (EB84). Harriet Semander was not alone in her painful outrage . . . and Ebay responded accordingly.

[5] On May 17, 2001, Ebay instituted a ban on "any items that are likely to incite violence or perpetuate hate crimes"; specifically, Ebay has prohibited the listing of any items that are "closely associated with notorious criminals" ("Hate Crimes Banned on Ebay"). Even the comparably innocuous serial-killer trading cards are verboten. (I checked the validity of Ebay's statement this evening and found the site absolutely devoid of any serial-killer related

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