Successful Learners and Its Effect on the Work Environment Essay

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Leaders are necessary to build a better impression in which people believe in strategy, confidence in management decisions, and trust in their job. When people believe in management choice, there will be passion inside an institute. Such an atmosphere helps the organization developing or succeeds. Successful leaders create environments in collaboration inside and outside the organization. (Subir chowdbhury management, 21c financial times prentice hall (2000)
This paper will be analyzing on my father, who is supply chain manager in Majlis al-Shura, or Consultative Council, which is a legislative organization that counsels the King on subjects that are important to Saudi Arabia. The paper will look at his behavior, characteristics as leader
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He attends many training courses in Saudi Arabia and outside the country, to learn the causes of success leadership. Also he takes courses in network technology to improve the usage of technology in his organization. Furthermore, last year he was in United States to improve his English language to make the communication with the suppliers from other countries easier. Additionally, he encourages his employee to take training courses too. He tries to improve an honest interest in his employees and he has specific goals and plans to accomplish them.
Being technically and strategically capable means expressing the ability to achieve the mission and being qualified of answering questions. Keep a high level of proficiency in the work and specialty. My father’s ability let him receives the respect of the people around him. He knows what is expected from him, and then uses time and energy on becoming competent at those things. He is seeking to learn more than is required in his job. Likewise, he spends time with the people who are known as technically and strategically proficient to learn from them as much as he can, and seeks advices from them regarding his performance. He is prepared to change and searches for opportunities to use his knowledge through the practice of command.
Keeping the subordinates informed is one of the leadership principles. The leader should inform his employees to perform better and can continue without his personal guidance. My father provides

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