Struggle Between the North and South Essay

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As a free country that aimed to develop republicanism, the United States of America had to carry out several constitutional changes during the early period of development. Of course, there were several factors which contributed in shaping the United States of America during the early national period, and they occurred in political development, religious development, and economic development of the United States, the most important aspects of every modern country. Each of these three aspects were interconnected. Institutions and individuals working in these fields influenced the shaping of America and its Constitution after the Independence War. Although their main influences were the ideals that arose during Enlightenment, there were …show more content…
Great thinkers of the Age of Reason offered several ideas, particularly liberalism, which was the most popular aspect of Enlightenment at that time. Ideally, in a liberal system, corruption was considered evil and people should put their civic duty ahead of their personal desires. Patriotism was respected in men, and promoting republican values in children, so they will not be interested primarily in personal goals, but mainly for the benefits of the entire society, was respected in women. However, liberalism was only an ideal and people could not be given complete freedom, especially in the political sense. The lack of central government, or the lack of its power, would lead to several problems which would threaten the unity of the states. The Congress realized that when given too much freedom, local state administrations would exploit this advantage to their own personal gain instead of working together for a common goal. During the Constitutional Convention in 1787, the Congress revised several parts of the original Constitution. Although several Articles of Confederation remained the same, the Congress gave more power to the federal government. This was the most important decision for the development of America as a unified country in which all the states would contribute to the whole. This is how the balance was achieved between the power of the centralized government and the freedom

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