Stakeholders’ Expectation: Resolving a Product-Harm Crisis Essay

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The proliferation of recent studies on the area of product-harm crisis is highly correlated to the rapid increase in the number of reported product-harm crises. Five scholarly, peer reviewed articles from the marketing domain provide the foundation for further analysis. This base was supported by additional research material from complimentary business disciplines. A compare and contrast analysis was performed to determine the best approach for solving the crisis. Pertinent recommendations was provided to stem, alleviate and reverse the effects of a product-harm crisis.
Product-harm Crisis Definition
The prevailing marketing definition of a product-harm crisis attributes responsibility for the crisis to the interventions of mass media
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Analysis of Previous Research Studies
The analysis of the studies presented below covers the key theme of product-harm crises management. In addition, it contrasts the different purposes of the research; research categories, methods and procedures; and key issues and findings.
Chen et al. (2009) conducted a quantitative analysis of alternative product-recall strategies using an event study method. Chen et al. (2009) used consumer data from manufacturer recalls gathered over a 12-year period (1996 to 2007) by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Chen et al. (2009) conducted extensive laboratory experiments to support their findings. Chen et al. (2009) used 15 control variables in their experiments to determine the effects of proactive versus reactive recalls; and normal versus abnormal returns. Chen et al. (2009) found that proactive recall strategies produced a “negative effect” that they did not expect.
Lei et al. (2012) examined whether or not base rate information affects consumers’ ascription of a product harm crisis by carrying out scientific experiments on a

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