Sports Fanatics Essay

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Being a Fan is More Than Just for Fun: It is a Way of Life

When the essay to find and research a pop culture group was assigned, only one came to mind. It is obvious to me because it is among the largest fan-based community around. Fans, regardless of type, are everywhere. My focus on sports fans, is in part because I am one myself. From football to swimming, sports are a way of life for some. The thought of not having fans is unthinkable. Being a fan for a sports team is more than just for fun. If we thought that being a devotee is just for fun, then we are mistaken. It is incredible the amount of love and support that fans have for their team. For some it is a part of their life; it is a part of who they are.

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The fan communities created are a way to express one's love for the game with others that feel the same way. While surfing the web and looking at, I found numerous sports enthusiast websites and community sites where participants will post statistics and talk about the upcoming games, including how their feelings about the coaches and players. While looking at the Denver Broncos community website, I rolled across pictures of pumpkins that fans had carved to look like a Bronco and pictures of houses that are decorated for Christmas with Bronco memorabilia. It is a phenomenal and fun observation. I am certain that this is not the only site; the Oakland Raiders site has quotes about the 49ers calling San Francisco an "extension of Oakland." There are message boards where one can post whatever they want about the teams or even talk about their own lives. Friends are made and people share stories with one another about games they have been to and things that they have seen at those games. We all have been fans of something at one point in time, whether it is a sports team, a television show, or a scrap-booking club. There are fan communities for just about everything.

Being a sports buff is something unexplainable. While there are fans for things such

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