Sound of Speech Essay example

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In the running of day to day life one constant aspect that holds great significance in the way we interact is speech. Speech involves the emission of a series of sounds, which have unique acoustic structure, which is made up of audible qualities over time. The human auditory system receives the segmented streams of information contained in whatever has been spoken. On receipt of the acoustic speech signal, the individual relies on their acquired knowledge on linguistics and their ability to deduce the intended message from the speech, skills which one develops from infancy (Florian, 1994). Perception represents the manner in which this stream of audible information is heard, interpreted, understood and conceptualized. …show more content…
However when asked to determine items that are of a similar type the children based their inferences on the shapes rather than colors of the items that is to say similar shaped objects are of the same type. Just like in children category membership information plays a big role when adults make inductive inferences. For example if speech consists of a group statements, consisting of premise statements and a final conclusion statement, adults will more convinced to agree with the conclusion inferred from the previous statements only if there is a marked similarity between the premise category and the conclusion category (Downing , Sternberg &Ross ,1985). However unlike the case in children, adults tend to draw from their own additional background knowledge in making inferences and not just acting on only what is presented to them in speech. In studies on attribute-based induction, one is able to judge how adults and children fared when it came to a shift in their conventional beliefs. It was found that adults were more flexible and were willing to shift their perceptions based on new findings. Presented with an account of how scientific research has disproved a previously

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