Society Must Redefine the Meaning of Family Essay

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Society Must Redefine the Meaning of Family

Society seems to have many different opinions when it comes to relationships and families and what is ideal. The ideal family may not exist anymore. We now have in our society families that are complete that do not necessarily contain the traditional material. The traditional family, as society would see it; usually consist of a married, mother and father and usually children. Moms are supposed to stay at home while dads work the forty-hour a week job. However, in our 2003 world, families exist in a lot of non-traditional ways. A lot of families now consist of single parent families, or same sex parents and their children, or even couples that are unmarried but live together. And even now,
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Society has changed their definition of family over the years. According to Silverstein and Auerbach's essay "most people believe that the best way to raise children is with both a stay-at-home mother and a breadwinner father in a long-term marriage that lasts "till death do us part" (Silverstein, Auerbach 604). This used to be what the image of the ideal traditional family was and what was best for children. However, as generations pass this idea seems to be becoming an old myth. With the economy at a low and women having more power and opportunities, tradition has changed families. Women are taking on careers and working and are no longer being the stay-at-home moms. Dad roles are also changing. The role of the male has generally been known for making money, having power, and job related responsibility. Men are now taking on babysitting and housekeeping as additional roles. Those additional roles are definitely a big change for society, as men have traditionally carried the role as the strong, job oriented, male.

In the past, more couples tended to stay together regardless of how bad a marriage was because that is what the unwritten rule of a family was, and it was in the best interest of children for a family to stay together, regardless of the other circumstances. Staying married gave you the title of a "normal" family. As time has moved on, society has accepted the fact that unhappy, unproductive, couples do not make a perfect family. Actually, those types of

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