Social Justice is NOT Achieved by Income Redistribution Essay

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The term “social justice” has existed since the 1840s and has continued to transform over the years. “Global justice” is simply another in a long line of interchangeable prefixes such as “national justice”, “economic justice” etc that precede the word justice. A plethora of policies are advocated under the name of “global justice”. This paper will consider the more popular proposal of income redistribution and consider its intellectual foundation and how it relates to justice, as well as its real world implications.
The most apparent and theoretically, the most easily overcome obstacle inherent in this idea is the very definition of the term “social justice”. As the years go by the term grows to encompass an ever increasing number of
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Deconstructing the term “social justice” or “global justice” will result in two words to which no opposition will be found. After all, there exist no political parties or organizations that advertise themselves under the “Anti-Social/Global” or “Anti-Justice” banner. Even as Hayek correctly points out, the term social justice is completely redundant since justice cannot be anything but social5. Indeed, the term is widely used because it has no specific definition. We shall now proceed to clear up the misconceptions regarding the idea of justice. Hayek states that justice can only exist when consequences are either intended or foreseen6. Since justice governs the rules of individual conduct, in the instance of injustice, we always have a guilty party to seek renumeration from. It is completely meaningless to apply the terms of justice to causes and consequences for which no human agency is responsible. It is absurd to decry a natural calamity, such as a powerful hurricane that causes a great deal of harm to individuals, as “unjust” without pointing at exactly who is guilty of the calamity. Who would the sufferer have a just complaint against and how exactly would individual conduct need to change in order to avoid another such 'injustice' in the future?7 Justice can only be applied in prescribing that certain uniform rules of conduct be observed between individuals. Justice therefore does

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