Social Issues in Hinduism Essay

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Hinduism is known as a diverse religion with its numerous traditions and customs. Hinduism accepts and gives an absolute freedom of beliefs and worships to the devotees. It bonds the whole world as one single family that is built upon one truth, and therefore do not discriminate anyone. However, there are some social issues that Hinduism accepts which have encountered criticisms from the Hindu community along with the external world. Few of the prominent issues include caste system, Sati practice, dowry system etc. Hinduism takes a very strong stand on unity and considering all the Hindus as family regardless of age, gender, beliefs or Hindus living in different countries. Therefore its apparent that one would believe that everyone gets …show more content…
Even though the untouchables are mistreated but they do not try to change their status or protest against getting mistreated. The reason lies once again in an ancient belief that when one person die they get reincarnated to a higher caste, only if they strictly follow the rules of their current caste (Bowen,1998). Therefore some adjust with their life style and some end up converting to other religions in order to escape the mistreatment. The caste system might have worked in the ancient times but it does not fit in the modern world anymore. Nowadays people are fighting all over the world for equality, freedom, fundamental rights and non-discrimination. Unfortunately, the caste system divided the Hindu community and the Hindus willingly accepts the division. One other social issue that Hinduism posses is the Sati practice. It's a type of funeral practice that gets practiced by the Hindu communities. The recently widowed Hindu women gets burnt in the fire along with their husband's dead body. In the history, women either did it voluntarily or they were forced to do so for the sake of the religion. The practice is not as prominent anymore but it still gets practiced by the extremists. The practice might seem very inhuman but the Brahmin scholars have justified the reasoning of such cruelty. The scholars have stated that the conduct was

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