Essay about Snowball Earth

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13,879,000,000 Years Ago

In the nascent days of eternity, jejune force and form evolved from the insipid formlessness of conception, and matter blindly found its kin. So strong was this familial bond - so incestuously compelling the prospect of creation - that an excess of ninety two dephlogisticated living races came to full term in one termagant birth of immense proportions. Elemental behavior quickly pubesced toward an inherence of repeated, promiscuous joining and separation, then frenzied rejoining as if driven by an inborn instinct scripted by natural laws… Under similar conditions, energy and matter shall behave similarly anywhere and everywhere, and no phenomenon shall occur a mere once. There then
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Through the aeons, though, its appearance in the Martian heavens gradually faded as if it had lost interest. Mars died, its atmosphere blew away, and the surface degraded to a frigid hell. Through billions of years and billions of miles the giant asteroid had weathered the chaos of countless insults to its surface and had, in turn, been the cause of countless assaults to countless other rocky bodies during its elliptical wanderings around the sun. Then, in a near fatal act of overconfidence, a glancing blow to the face of Ceres shattered our mountain of iron. This once mighty and powerful celestial body had met its match and was lucky to have survived at all. For millions of years the diminutive version of its former self cowered on a new and safer course around the inner planets where it very well might have withstood billions of more years. But nothing in the solar system endures forever. The nickel-iron asteroid measured only nine miles long just before ending its existence in a blaze of glory upon the sunlit surface of the moon – on the eastern part of the Ocean of Storms. An ensuing flash of white light from the deaf impact preceded a spectacular powdery burst. The massive collision plied the cratered surface for five hundred miles in

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