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Slavery degusted northerners. Many people believed Slavery was morally wrong and wanted to do something about it. The book
Uncle Tom’s Cabin and the newspaper The Liberator argued how wrong it was. In this, Slavery was a major cause in the outbreak of the Civil War.
There were many things that led to the Civil War. One of which were the Missouri Compromise and the Compromise of
1850 in the Missouri Compromise, Missouri wanted to become a slave state and northerners demanded something be done. This made southerners outraged. This was just beginning of the tension between the North and South. Also, the Compromise of
1850 rose more tension. California wanted to become a free state and of course south politicians had a hissy fit
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Now, this would not have been a problem if not for slavery.
Also many conflicts were brought about because of slavery. Bleeding Kansas became the catchword for the escalating violence over slavery. There was bloodshed all the way to capitol hill. At one point in 1856 congressman
Prestor Brooks of South Carolina entered the nearly empty
Senate chamber and beat Massachusetts Senator Charles Sumner with a cane. Brooks felt that Sumner’s “Crime Against
Kansas” speech, which verbally attacked Brooks Kinsman had
Warranted the retaliation. This proves how extreme the tensions between the North and South were. When you have political heads attacking each other you know you’re in trouble. Also when a few states got the right to be free or slave this rose tensions even more. Of course the North wanted them free and the South wanted it to be a slave state. This just proves how much a factor slavery was leading to the Civil War.
Finally in 1859 a violent clash captured the nation’s attention. Abolitionist John Brown, leading an Interracial band of 21 men attacked the federal arsenal at Harpers
Ferry, Virginia. Brown said he hoped to spark a slave rebellion that would end slavery and “purge this land with blood.” Brown was captured within 36 hours and was sentenced to be hung. People believed the death of a man would not solve a problem. This also proves that slavery was a factor leading to the outbreak of the Civil War.
In conclusion slavery

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