Should The Strong Support The Weak? Essay

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From reaching the cookie jar on the top shelf to donating to those living in poverty, every individual faces certain issues that require the guidance of someone older or stronger. Without the guidance of these people, it would be more difficult for the individual to efficiently solve any problems they may encounter. Whether the strong should support the weak is a topic that has raised many debates, with many fictional and real-life examples. Though society now emphasizes that the strong should support the weak, many still oppose that way of thinking. The strong in society should support the weak because of the various health benefits, self-benefits and societal benefits.
From a scientific standpoint, eliminating the weak, who constitute
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The chances of hereditary diseases or birth defects occurring are multiplied when the genes of the parents are too similar so if the gene pool is minuscule, the chances of similar genes overlapping is huge.
The weak should be supported by the strong because of the benefits they experience from helping other. According to Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs, a psychological theory that shows which wants a person needs to satisfy in order to feel fulfilled, people act upon morality to experience that sense of fulfillment. Whenever someone voluntarily performs a good deed, it is because they experience fulfillment helping others. A younger man helping an elderly woman up the stairs is an example of the strong supporting the weak. This is a beneficial situation for both the strong and the weak, since the young man is able to receive a sense of fulfillment by helping someone else and the weak, elderly woman is able to get up the stairs without risk of an accident. However, a personal feeling of happiness is not the only benefit. Society also respects those who help others. In Korean, a video was released which drew much disgust all over the world. It showed young teenagers abusing elderly people at a retirement home in order to have some fun. If this kind of action draws disgust, then what draws respect to an individual? The answer would be acts of kindness. Society gives respect and credibility to those who show enough consideration to take time out

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