Seperation of Church and State Essay

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The United States is a notoriously religious country by nature. Two very prominent topics in U.S citizens day to day lives are their political and religious beliefs and over the course of the past hundred plus years the two seem to have become inseparable. The struggle of religion in politics has been a hot debate for centuries. Presidents and politicians alike have been preying on people’s religious beliefs for votes for as long as time can tell. According to the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life, “Throughout the nation’s history, political and social movements- from abortion to women’s suffrage to civil rights- have drawn upon religious institutions for moral authority, inspirational leadership and organizational muscle.” The …show more content…
Augustus also founded a new religious cult that would serve to strengthen the empire. Augustus built his empire on the idea of church and state being intermingled and left a legacy of combining the two practices. He believed that religion would strengthen the state and that the people he was ruling over would have a stronger community because of the combination. In ancient Rome religion was so important that when Christianity began to gain popularity and Christians refused to partake in other religious practices and they were said to have “undermined the security of the state and hence constituted an act of treason, punishable by death”(Spielvogel 173). Religion and politics were so intermingled that Roman law could not separate the two; they were one in the same. After a long fought battle by Christians to belong Christianity flourished and spread throughout the Roman Empire. “Christianity, the core religion of the West, was born within the Roman Empire and was greatly influenced by Roman law and organization”(Perry 167). Whether or not Rome wanted Christianity it was there to stay. According to Spielvogel “Christianity fulfilled the human need to belong”(175). Christians formed a bond and communities where people could express their love by helping each other and assisting the needy. It made people feel more like the belonged in a way that just the Roman Empire could not do. The Roman Empire was way too big and

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