Seminole Tribe Essay

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The Seminole Tribe

The Seminoles are a very well established Native American tribe. They’re located in Florida and Oklahoma. Some people believe that the name Seminole might come from the word Simanoli which is what the Creeks used to call themselves. They have great connections with the land, interesting food, architecture, religion, government and leaders. The Seminole tribe are descendants of the Creek tribe. The Creeks spoke two languages, Muskogee and Miccosukee. Miccosukee is a related tongue of Muskogee. Two groups in the tribe speak those languages. That must get confusing. The Seminoles are close with the land. They used to, and sometimes still do, fish and hunt in the Everglades and in marshy areas. To grow
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They also lived in log houses plastered with red clay. Houses were around a square and a main building. Families had two houses, one for sleeping and cooking, and one for storage. Each family had its own crop garden. They seemed to have a good system. Religion is important in every tribe. The Seminole people believed that spirites inhabit everything, living and nonliving. Spirits are even in fire, water, sun, moon, and stars. The highest divine being is the Preserver of Breath. Thunder is the war god and Corn Mother watches over gardens and fields. They also believed in monsters and other creatures. They believed that water monsters would drag people down into the swamp until they’d drown. Little People were creatures who would play tricks on them, but also help lost children return home. They viewed their faith with many signs and symbols. The Seminoles believe that body and soul are connected. Also, religion and medicine are one. Medicine men use roots, herbs, and animal parts from their medicine bundles to help cure people. They chant and use drums, bells, and rattles to help. The men can also interpret dreams, bring good luck, protect from danger, and help people make smart decisions. Only a few boys from the tribe were selected, and they have to study very hard. The tribe is very dependent on them. The tribe needed a government to control things. Each town had two chiefs, a peace chief (mikko), and a war chief. In 1957, a

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