Sam Walton Essay

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Sam Walton: Entrepreneurial Genius and Creator of Wal-Mart Dedication, risk-taking, empire-building, and world shaking; words that describe a man that changed this world. This man is not any ordinary man, but a man of vision and hope; a man that started from nothing, and if alive today would be worth more then Bill Gates. Sam Walton, creator and founder of Wal-Mart Incorporations, shaped this world. From his birth on March 29, 1918 in Kingfisher, Oklahoma to his death in April 6, 1992 at Little Rock, Arizona (Sam Walton NNDB), Sam Walton changed this world both for the better and the worse by providing such cheep goods to people around the world. Born into a family that was no well off, Sam quickly learned as a kid the value of a …show more content…
28). Helen Robson, his future wife and was his longstanding companion throughout the thick and the thin. “ When Helen and I (Sam) met and I started courting her, I just fell right in love. She was pretty and smart and educated, ambitious and opinionated and strong-willed with ideas and plans of her own. Also, like me, she was an athlete who loved the outdoors, and she had lots of energy” ( Walton and Huey p. 25). “They were married on February 14th 1943” (“Sam Walton” InvestingValue). See picture of Helen Walton (“Sam Walton’s Wife”). The methods that Sam used was ingenious: From this beginning Sam pioneered some concepts still used today to make his business a success including a wide variety of low priced goods, keeping his store open longer than most other stores and buying goods in large quantities from the lowest priced wholesaler to pass on savings to customers. With cheap prices came large sales volume which allowed him to purchase even cheaper wholesale goods from his suppliers, leading to his store to be the most profitable franchise store in the whole six state region. In 1950 he leased a nearby store and opened a department store called Eagle but it never had the same success (“Sam Walton” InvestingValue). Sam had a vision, a vision that some would say he is crazy for, and others say he is

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