Resilience and Vulnerability in Urban Disaster Management Essay

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In recent years, the term resilience has gain influence in the study of disaster management. Along with vulnerability, those terms have become two of the most commonly used concepts in the field. This paper will argue both resilience and vulnerability are useful concepts to urban disaster management. It does so by first looking at the definitions of those two terms, follow by practical measures in which by adopting both concepts can help enhance disaster management.

There are various definitions of resilience and vulnerability that have been used throughout time (Manyena, 2006). For the purpose of this paper, resilience is referred to here as the capacity of a group or individual to withstand potential loss and recover from the impact
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Each disaster event is unique and will generate its own set of issues. Each individual or community is different and may be vulnerable, or have resilience, in different ways. I believe that by simply focus on one of the concept will not help achieve successful disaster management. A person, for instance, may be vulnerable to damages during bushfire because they live in the forest, but they may be resilient in terms of being insured and able to repair damage. This demonstrates that resilience and vulnerability are interactive with each other, which indicates that resilience and vulnerability is not static. Therefore it becomes a necessary step in disaster management to evaluate both components, in order to untangle the complex interaction between them and develop measures that reduce vulnerability and increase resilience.

Thus, disaster management can achieve better result through enhance prevention and preparedness activities by identifying groups and individuald that are resilient, at the same time provide much better support in recovery activities and minimise the the disruption caused by the disaster to the ones that are vulnerable. In other words the most effective disaster management is the one that reduces vulnerability to strengths resilience simultaneously. This is because not only will they

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