Redifining Politics In Baguio City Essay

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Formerly residing in Baguio City and currently residing in Chesapeake, Virginia, I grew up seeing and voting some of the same politicians seeking office for two or more terms with some doing their best to make Baguio City the finest place in the Philippines, while the others have little significant contributions in running the city government and its populace. However, times have changed and younger politicians are becoming more interested in the political arena. Indeed, there is a need to balance the political equation in the local election in the City of Baguio with new, vibrant, and intelligent young politicians who are equipped with the spirit of public service, integrity, courage and commitment. Based on the recent news report in your …show more content…
Now is the time for young politicians to come out and shine with new ideas how to solve these perennial issues in Baguio City and aggressively rekindle again the status of Baguio as the finest city in the Philippines. On the other hand, while some old politicians are needed, some are very old to take care of their health and sometimes they need advisers to tell them what needs to be done. In fact, it is really difficult to choose a candidate who really wants to serve the people well because as a candidate seeks a position, I am pretty sure, the candidate will be planning more time and effort to control or maneuver to stay in power for more than two terms. Therefore, this is an opportunity time for voters to know better their candidates before the actual election date. Baguio’s citizenry need to consider the young politicians in the political arena who have courage, honour, and commitment to step in the deckplate ready to represent the interests and needs of the citizenry of Baguio City in the local and national government.
Baguio City needs new leaders with innovative ideas and proactive leadership skills that will revitalize the city government system that will result in protecting the interests of the people in Baguio. The election campaign has already started in Baguio City. It is imperative that registered voters in Baguio must thoroughly scrutinize each candidates

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