"A Rose for Emily" by William Faulkner Essay

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A Rose for Emily by William Faulkner

In "A Rose for Emily", Emily, a lady of a noble origin, finds herself alone in small town in the Old South. The townspeople there turn their back on her because of her origin, although they have always been present at all of the events that marked her life, until the day she died. Emily's social isolation is evident through the development of the elements of character and events.

The main reason that led the locals to isolate Emily was the fact that she came from a respectable and prestigious family, in a time where most of the people were poor. The fact that she lives in a big house and has a colored servant to work for her, it is something that make the locals feel that Emily is not one of
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She doesn't have any money to pay the current expenses, and it is difficult for her to earn some, since she lives in a society that women are not supposed to work. Emily has become equal to them because "she too would know the old thrill and the despair of a penny more or less" (31). If one takes away the money from some other person, then what it is left is merely the person alone. And for Emily being left with no money was something very frustrating, that gave people the right to "pity Miss Emily" (31).

The theme of Emily's social isolation, from the rest of the town, can be further explored through the townspeople lack of concern towards her problems. Her long-term illness and her withdrawal at home not only seem to concern the town, but also it appears to be some kind of amusement, since her problems have become food for everyday gossip. Everyone knows what happens to Emily, everyone talks about her pain and suffering, but everyone keeps their distance from her because no one cares about her. For them seeing the "Negro man ... going in and out with a market basket" (30) is enough to satisfy their curiosity, and continue their constant gossip about what is going on in her life. Even the ladies of the town that tried to call her have always been distant from Emily, and their current concern is fake and just another thing

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