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Five thousand years ago, with the invention of writing, the human species took its first jump towards a technological civilization. The second one came only in the last half of the XV century, with the invention of press, by Gutenberg. The possibility of reproducing thousands of identical copies of the same document has taken to the creation of the first magazines and journals, a revolutionary concept. But this occurred in a slow and grad way: the first scientific journal pressed, for example

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In Internet this technology already exists, and is denominated "push", also known by "webcasting" and "pointcasting". The solution given by the arise of "push" technology inverts this equation, making Internet reach the final user, delivering information based in a pre-defined interests profile and eliminating search and selection steps.

The "push" system technology was released to the public through commercial software PointCast, in 1996, followed by others like Marimba and the recent Netcaster and Webcaster. The term "pointcasting" was given this name because it is a news transmission point to point, from the generator to the receptor, inversely to "broadcasting" technology that is the emission of standart programs from one point to several ones, like in the case of common newspapers, radio and TV.

The system is constituted, on the subscriber side, by a specialized browser that uses the same basic TCP/IP communication protocol used in Internet, and that receives multimedia material from a specialized transmissor agency (server). Each program offers several information multimedia channels, among them news, entertainment, sports, health and business channels. The program user sets up the channels of his interest and receives the information update according to his choice, with periodic updates. Channels can be made of
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