Production of 'All My Sons' at the Modern Theatre Essay

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Production of 'All My Sons' at the Modern Theatre

Dear Mr Fitzgerald,

I am writing with reference to your proposed production of my play, 'All My Sons' at the Modern Theatre in London. Living in the United States, all of my plays have used the American Dream as the ironic basis of the storylines. The American Dream is the American ideology of self-reliance. To achieve as much as possible and to build a stable lifestyle for himself and his family, creating dependence and financial security, everyone must take ownership for their support. This is important to how it is interpreted. You may find some of my suggestions useful in giving the audience the desired messages.

I was inspired to write
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I wrote this play with conscience and compassion, remember the playwright is nothing without his audience.

The characters that I created provide the drama through their natural dialogue and the revelations that emerge from this. I will start by describing Joe Keller. Joe is the central character in the play. Joe's character is shown more through his relations with others. We must remember that Joe is not a very bad man his intentions are good. He does love his family but fails to see the universal human family, which has a higher claim on his duty, being the owner of a factory responsible for the death of twenty-one men. Being uneducated he relies on his humorous nature to get him through everyday conversation. He may think he has got away with crime, but is troubled by the thought of it and relies on Kate Keller, his wife, not to betray his guilt. He strongly portrays the image of a typical American family man following the American Dream.

Next is Chris Keller. Chris has been changed by his experience of the war. He saw men laying down their lives for friends; this contradicts his father's belief of the American Dream. He is bitter against the fact that the world hasn't changed after the war and that the selflessness of his fellow soldiers counts for nothing. His bitterness towards this is important to

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