Process Drama Essay

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Drama according to the Wikipedia free encyclopedia is the specific mode of fiction represented in performance, which comes from a Greek word (drao) meaning action. A dramatic production depends mostly on in-depth development of realistic characters dealing with emotional themes, it put the characters in conflict with themselves, others, society and even natural phenomena. According to Learning Stream, “drama is a literary composition involving conflict, action crisis and atmosphere designed to be acted by characters on a stage before an audience.”
Process drama according free Wikipedia encyclopedia is a method of teaching and learning, where both the students and teacher are working in and out of role. Cecily O'Neill, Brian Way (et al)
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The role of the teacher and student in process drama can be explored and visualized through a plethora of classroom activities. In these activities the facilitator works along side the students giving room for inter and intra personal development. Process drama is an improvisatory form of drama that takes off from the idea of how children play and pretend. Students create characters but may also take on multiple characters during the course of a drama presentation. Process Drama allows students to consider the perspectives of people in very different circumstances putting them self in someone else’s position. It gives rise to past experiences and socialization agents that may not have been apart of their usual life. Therefore, through process drama they enact these situations, solve the different crisis/conflict using a set of principles guiding the process and guided by a facilitator. According to Vygotsky in an article on the Child’s Mind and the Society 1978 “Drama can be directed towards extending children’s curriculum activities, to solve problems and deal with situations which may appear too difficult to deal with on the surface.” Process drama can also be used across the curriculum to bring out aspects of world issues affecting society, allowing children to show empathy, how to be responsible among other life skills that will lead to the establishment of a more responsible society. According to Pamela Bowell and Brian S. Heap in their book Planning

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