Proactive Solution To Community Issues Essay

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Due to the increasing interest and expansion in growth, development and societal issues, there has been a greater promotion by local and non-government organizations to deliver more proactive solutions to community issues (Matarrita-Cascante & Brennan, 2012). This can prove extremely difficult, as communities around the world can be described and viewed by individuals and groups from multifaceted perspectives and ideologies (Matarrita-Cascante & Brennan, 2012). An example of the difficulty of obtaining a universal definition can also be noticed, in community development and social work literature. It is difficult to find a thorough or universal description of these two professions, as they both encompass a wide range of practical and …show more content…
Additionally, the primary concepts of community development according to Derrick (1995, as cited in Munford & Walsh-Tapiata, 2001, p. 5) include: the improvement in the quality of life in relation to fiscal, health, education, cultural and social aspects within a community. As well as, using supporting and empowerment strategies which encourage people to work collectively within their communities particularly in the decision making process and gaining secure resources and skills. This is achieved through promoting equitable distribution of profits which are achieved from economic growth (Drake, 2001). By achieving this empowerment and minimising oppression, it will encourage a transition from a place of dependency to independence (Munford & Walsh-Tapiata, 2001). Furthermore, community development enables the identification of resources and strengths which can be utilised to identify future strategies of development along with meeting the needs of the community in a positive process (Munford & Walsh-Tapiata, 2001).
One of the primary elements involved in community development is the ability to work alongside communities and groups, (Alston, 2009). This helps to ascertain the primary issues and explore the prospect of marginalisation and social justice, understand local

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