Persevering Thru the Eyes of Benjamin Franklin Essay

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Benjamin Franklin was a renowned politician, but also was well known for his inventions. He very successful on a political scale as he served as the first ambassador for the United States during the Revolutionary War to France. Franklin is also credited with saving the Colonist Army from failure by luring the French Navy into the war. The action ultimately saved the Colonist forces. However, at the time not only was Franklin concerned with politics but he had very many inventions that he was interested in furthering. These all made Ben Franklin appears to the public as a very intelligent man with lots of ideas to better those around him. However, in reading his autobiography his views on things do not always appear as they might to …show more content…
His family was under incredible poverty levels and education was hard to come by. He went to school until the age of eleven and then his father made the decision that his help was needed in the family business. This discouraged Ben and eventually his father realized Ben’s passion and intelligence in school. When Ben was twenty- one he first visited London. Realizing the great organization and ability to produce quality politicians, Ben decided to come back to America and try some of these ideas for himself. This is very much like someone in today’s society that would travel to China to see the types of production lines and ways to make production faster and then bringing these ideas which they saw back to America.
According to the Benjamin Franklin House, a London based website devoted to Franklin’s time spent in England, “He returned to America in 1726, where he set up his own printing business, publishing one of America’s first high-circulation newspapers, the Pennsylvania Gazette, as well as Poor Richard's Almanack, a series of homespun wisdom, still widely quoted today, which he published in 1733 through 1758” (par 8). This article shows the diligence and determination Ben had in wanting to make sure American was just as successful if not better than Great Britain. While He was in Great Britain he gained respect in parliament and this was useful. However in his travels around Britain he soon realized that those outside of the crown

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