Differences Between Benny And Jenny

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Growing up Benjamin Franklin and his sister, Jane were always known as “Benny and Jenny.” Through a life full of craziness, I believe that though their lives took separate paths, that Benjamin and Jane were able to stay Benny and Jenny and support each other throughout their hectic lives as they grew older. Benjamin and Jane had differences in their education, marriage and family, financial and their religious lives, yet they still kept in touch and wished the best for each other all through their lives no matter what.
Benny and Jenny were a like in many ways such as having the same urge to want to learn whether it was to read or write. Due to the times, Jane’s opportunities for obtaining her education fell short when the amount of schooling
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For women, who they married determined the entire course of their lives. Jane at the age of fifteen was married to a saddler named Edward Mecom, who was twenty-two. Edward was poor, for he moved into the halls of the Blue Ball once him and Jane were married. This has created ideas of her possibly being pregnant and that is why her father allowed her to marry such an unset man such as Mecom. If this is true, that child must have died at birth or was miscarried for the first child of Jane Mecom was recorded when she was seventeen. Janes family life was full of loss. Her first son, Josiah passed two weeks before his first birthday. At the time, Benjamin wrote to Jane telling her how he was to not going to be married, for he was embarrassed. Benjamin had birthed a son out of wedlock with a mistress in Philadelphia who he named William. Benjamin then found a wife, Deborah Read, who was abandoned by her first husband who agreed to marry Benjamin and claim William as hers. In 1730, Benjamin and Deborah set up a house and had William come live with them. They never had a wedding because their marriage was a common-law marriage which was allowed if you were a man. Jane went on to birth two sons, Edward who she called Neddy, and Benjamin who she called Benny after her brother. Between her two sons, Benjamin wrote and told Jane that he was happy that her loss of Josiah was …show more content…
Benjamin’s financial status was secure; he was one of the most important men in Philadelphia. He founded a literary society in 1729, and had purchased the Pennsylvania Gazette 1729. As well, he owned a shop where he sold ink, pens, pencils, blotters, papers and blank books. He also did his own engravings, along with being a printer he was a writer. Franklin had to first fight for his papers to be carried by the post riders, in order to beat out the rival newsletter. Franklin wrote many works, such as Poor Richards Almanack and many more. Benjamin was able to do these things with “having learnt a little to scribble.” On the other hand, Jane’s financial situation was painful. Before Sarah Mecom was born, Edward borrowed money from a leather dresser named David Collson. Edward never paid back Collson so he took Edward to court, where Edward never showed so the case went to Collson. As the years went on, the debt grew and grew with the sheriff coming to the Mecom household and taking a wooden horse, then Edward moved out of Blue Ball in order to hide from those who he owed money too. When Edwards plan to run and hide from the court failed, the sheriff came eight days before Sally’s birthday and took Jane’s desk she used for writing to pay off the debt. When one of Janes children became sick, Edward wrote a promise to John Perkins the doctor to pay him for the treatment, yet he never

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