Organizations and Change Essay

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Organizations experience two kinds of change: unplanned, or crescive change, and planned, or deliberate change. (Stojkovic et al., 2008) This essay will focus on the fundamental elements of planned organizational change. We will provide an example of how a police agency undergoing deliberate change could follow these steps.
Planned change involves 5 general steps: planning, identification of problems, forecasting, and generating appropriate alternative solutions to problems. The final stage is choosing the appropriate solution and embarking upon the implementation process. Each will be explained further, below.
Organizational change can occur due to the result of pressures from the external environment (such as new
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Milwaukee, San Jose, and New York were cities in which this has occurred.
Stojkovic et al., (2008) note that Henry observed that government agencies over-react to small changes in the task environment, making planned changes difficult (Stojkovic, et al., 2008, p. 369). Resistance to change can occur at the individual level, the organizational level, and the structural level. The larger the scope of the planned organizational change, the more critical the planning process becomes. (Stojkovic et al., 2008).
During the planning phase agency goals and missions are reviewed, this is crucial for the organization, because it will help to focus the efforts and solidify the organizational values. This is an important stage in the process, and can provide much needed clarification for members, as well as focus for their work activities. Even if the process for planned change were to end at this point, the organization could benefit tremendously from this phase: workers with set goals and a clear set of expectations of policies and procedures will be more productive. (Stojkovic et al., 2008). San Jose Police Department presents a good example for this phase of the planning process. Under then-new Chief Joe MacNamara (formerly of Kansas City Police Department), in 1983 the San Jose Police Department hired a consulting firm,

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