One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest by Ken Kesey Essay

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Imagine being stuck in a mental hospital for twenty years where everyone thinks you are deaf and mute. This is what happened to Chief Bromden in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest by Ken Kesey. Chief Bromden, or Chief, has lived in a mental hospital for over twenty years. He was admitted to the hospital after serving in the Second World War. He is a six-foot seven-inch tall schizophrenic Indian who has convinced the whole ward that he is deaf and mute, and he is the narrator of the story. He is not a very reliable narrator due to his schizophrenia, so some of the events are distorted. Throughout the story, Chief Bromden is reminded of events from his childhood, which reveal little bits and pieces about his character and his uncommon …show more content…
In the end, the Big Nurse orders a lobotomy for McMurphy as retribution for challenging the rules, causing overall commotion, and attacking her. The lobotomy leaves him unable to move or even walk, let alone stand up, and works as a warning to the others on the ward to not cross her. McMurphy is seen as a much-needed unusual God-like person because the Big Nurse had complete control over everyone, but he takes away her power, proving that if there is a lack of God, we need that presence. To begin with, McMurphy frees all of the patients from the evil clutches of the Big Nurse. While briefly summarizing McMurphy’s influence on the patients, Barbara Tepa Lupack said: “In the asylum and on a day-long fishing trip, Mack forces them to appreciate the importance of solidarity and to exercise their new strength” (Lupack). Throughout the book, McMurphy slowly helps the patients regain their independence. He gives them the strength and self-assurance needed to fight back against the Big Nurse and eventually break free from her control. He gets them to work together and teaches them that by doing so, they can accomplish much and start to take control over their situation. In addition, when McMurphy gets depressed as well as confused after learning that most of the patients are there voluntarily, a major change comes out in Chief Bromden. “I dropped back till I was walking beside

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