Essay on Oedipus: Fate vs. Free will

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When establishing whether it was fate or free will that determined the outcome of Oedipus’ life we must take in to consideration each side. Some people can say that he brought all of his suffering on himself but then again some people can say that it was his destiny that bad things were to happen to him. First we will look at fate. The definition of fate is a force or power that predetermines events or an inevitable events predestined by force. I believe that Oedipus’ fate in life was sealed for him to be exiled and alone in the end before he was even born. His father, Laius was told that he “was fated to die by the hand of his son to be born to him…as for the son – three days after his birth … Laius had him cast away on the pathless …show more content…
It was a foretelling of the future that the Greeks all believed the gods had set for their life paths.
When Creon and Tiresias reported to Oedipus that the land of Thebes could only be cleaned of its plague was by finding the one that had killed their king, Lauis, it sealed his fate. Oedipus was so oblivious. He had two opportunities to stop the outcome of the prophecies when all the signs that he killed Laius were right there in front of him. Even as people were telling him all that had happened to Laius, he refused to believe that he could have been the one to do such a thing. No one could state that Oedipus had committed the crime of killing Lauis because he believed they were plotting against him or attempting to take over the kingdom. No one could tell “the world famous Oedipus (6)” anything, what he said goes without thought or question. His brain was telling him what his heart did not want to believe. He had left his childhood home to live among others. He believed he had left his parents behind and his “father” died of natural causes while he was away which he believed would show that the tales were false. However, the prophecy was still coming true. “..Brother and father of his own children; son and husband to his own mother”. Now, we will look at the concept of free will. It can be classified as voluntary or done on one’s own accord. To voice the way that it was free will how Oedipus’ life

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