Nuclear Weapon Essay

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Physicists today study a variety of topics. These topics range from studying other planets and galaxies all the way down to studying particles and the atom. By analyzing the universe and observing how the universe works, scientists over the years have used the principles they have discovered to create many inventions we know and use today. Everything from the World Wide Web to your cell phone is based upon discoveries made by physicists. Today, we still use these principles to help us evolve our technology and hopefully make our lives easier. Although the average United States citizen may not realize it, physicists are very instrumental part in making possible their standard of living. Some of these inventions, however, have been …show more content…
Suppose a country that doesn’t value human life obtains a
Dincau 2 nuclear weapon. The possibility of nuclear holocaust in that situation is high and is why many countries fear the atom bomb so much. There are many different reasons why a nuclear bomb is so powerful and equally as many reasons why the American culture and society in the 21st century has been and could be affected by them.

The atomic bomb is a complex mechanism that took scientists decades to perfect. Inside an early atomic bomb there was a heavy metal called Uranium 235. Today hydrogen is used instead of Uranium because the resulting explosion is about 100 times stronger than the Uranium bomb. Todays warheads also weigh less than one fifth of the first two nuclear devises. The atomic bomb also contains a particle accelerator that, when detonated, fires a neutron at the Uranium/hydrogen atoms. Due to the particles neutral charge it is not deflected by either the protons or electrons in the Uranium or hydrogen atoms. The neutron then slams into the cluster of atoms and splits the cluster in halve. This releases two neutrons as well as gamma rays, x-rays and pure energy. This process is commonly referred to as nuclear fission. After the atom is split the resulting neutrons that have just been released then fly outward and split two more atoms. Those atoms release energy, x-rays, gamma rays and four neutrons. As more

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