Negative Effects of Mass Migration Essay

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Since the dawn of time people move from one place to another in search of more opportunities and a better life. These migrations continued up until the present era and have even increased. The complexity of migration has also increased due to the formation of nations with clear defined boundaries. It has been argued that the increase in migration as a whole has great benefits to mankind. However, this movement of people has caused the promotion of phenomena such as overpopulation, ethnic factionalism and social stratification which has had harmful social, economical and political impacts. This essay will demonstrate the negative social, economical and political effects on host countries resulting from increasing mass migration from …show more content…
In addition to that 31% of male drug and mention the profanation of theft and prostitution (Koehlmoos, TP, Uddin, MJ, Ashraf, A & Rashid, M 2009). This example clearly shows the harmful effects of indiscriminate migration from rural to urban areas and the consequent breach in security and the deterioration of community health of society.

Mass migration from poor areas to rich areas have adverse consequences for the economy of hosting areas. First, it causes the waste of state funds. Through the previous paragraph it became known that irregular migration is a major reason of overpopulation. Which often result in an raise in crime rates and the widespread dissemination of bad habits such as smoking, drug abuse and alcohol. Which leads to the deterioration of the security and health situation of the community. This would force the government to spend more money to maintain the health and safety of the community. In Islands of the North Pacific; the population is growing in urban areas at rates of up to 6% per annum. Migrating large numbers of people from the countryside to the cities to escape poverty and in search of opportunities for a better life. But these cities are often not able to absorb them. This caused the emergence of squatter settlements on the outskirts of

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