Essay Multiculturalism in Canada

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Multiculturalism has become a controversial topic in the US and Canada as a result of increasing the number of immigrants from various backgrounds. Multiculturalism is a government policy such as the Canadian Multiculturalism Act. This policy has been established to manage cultural diversity which helps people to have deeper understanding of different cultures, races and religions in order to generate better interaction among different races in Canada and the US. This essay will discuss the advantages of North-American multiculturalism in terms of general tolerance and integration and economic development. Moreover, it will explore the disadvantages including socioeconomic discrimination and inequality, and less social and commercial …show more content…
Therefore, people who live in multicultural countries could have more sense of freedom so that people can maintain their cultural value with more acceptance.
In addition, multiculturalism has a noticeable result on Canadian economic growth. Firstly, increasing the number of tourists ,as result of diverse cultures, helps the economic growth. Naidu (1995) states that multiculturalism is the main reason of having tourist business in Canada producing a great tourism revenue. Secondly, foreigners from different origins have a significant contribution to the investment and country's construction. Naidu (1995) further states that the non-British and French Canadian have an important effect on the economic growth by investing over $60 billion annually. Thirdly, the provision of foreign skilled workers might be beneficial for rising country's income which can help to develop the economy quickly. In comparison with other countries, Canada has a high level of skills among its workers which ease to increase the value of workers in the marketplace (Banting & Kymlicka, 2010, p. 60). As a result of economic growth in nearly a decade, the poverty proportion has been decreasing new immigrants under the proportion for

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